Sylvan Family Health Centre (SFHC) has chosen to provide a new model of care called Blended Capitation Model. Our goal with this model of care is to continue providing you with excellent care specific to your health needs, but in slightly new ways.

What is Blended Capitation?

  • The Blended Capitation Model (BCM) was designed over a five year period by Alberta Health and the Alberta Medical Association using best practice research.
  • Sylvan Family Health Centre will receive a set payment to provide health services to you. They will receive this payment regardless of the number of visits they provide to you – this de-incentivizes the over-provision of health services (like having you come in for your test results when they can instead tell you over the phone).
  • As an accountability measure to ensure that your access to the clinic is maintained, the clinic will be “negated” when you go to see another clinic for an in-basket service. For example, let’s say that you have a health concern but the next available appointment for your doctor is three weeks away. If you decide to go to a walk-in clinic, the Sylvan Family Health Centre will be penalized for the full cost of that health service that you received elsewhere.

How does this benefit you?

  • SFHC provides you with access to not only physicians but also Nurses, Dietitian, Chronic Care Nurse, and mental health consultants all under one roof to meet your medical needs.
  • We offer care in new innovative ways including: in clinic visits, telephone appointments, and email correspondence.
  • Patient Portal, which provides you with access to your medical records, ability to book your own appointments online and email with your physician and care team.
  • Providing you with multiple options for appointments and multiple specialists under one roof, improves your access to your physician and allows you to be seen when you actually need to be seen without waiting weeks to get in.
  • Research indicates that when a patient continually sees the same health care provider, their health outcomes improve because of the continuity of care.

What do we ask of you?

  • You always contact us first for your medical needs. This improves continuity of care and helps you avoid long wait times in walk in clinics.
  • You update us with any changes in your health or contact information.
  • If you have an emergency you can seek care in the Emergency Room or Sylvan Lake’s Ambulatory Care Centre.